Nursing Assistant (Acute Care)

Assists physicians and nurses in the care and treatment of the ill veterans receiving medical, surgical, psychiatric, or inpatient treatment.
Observes and reports to the professional nurse changes in patient behavior, attitude, bodily complaints, and appearance.
Performs simple treatment procedures such as changing non-sterile dressings; applying or removing binders, arm slings, dressing, and bandages; or applying hot and cold packs.
Performs standardized treatment procedures such as:
applying external catheters, performing oral suction, monitoring the flow of oxygen, or monitoring the level of intravenous hydration fluids.
Observes patients for change in condition (deviation in color, pulse, respiration, temperature, and blood pressure) and reports them to the registered nurse.
Reports condition of wounds and skin, and reaction to or results of treatments.
Obtain veterans' vital signs, weights, intake/outputs and enters them in the patients' records in CPRS.
Enters specific information onto the patients' records or charts.
Enters patient information using commonly used medical terminology such as terms of tests, diet changes, or test results.
Performs a wide variety of duties aimed at increasing the comfort and spirit of the patient.
Transports patients via wheel chair or gurney, and/or accompanies ambulatory patients who need assistance, to various areas within the medical center including clinics, diagnostic areas, and treatment areas.
Provide personal care duties or Activity of Daily Living (ADL) such as bathing or feeding patients.
Takes care of patient's non-routine care and comfort needs for psycho/social/spiritual well being, personal hygiene, physical comfort, nutrition, elimination, prevention of skin breakdown, rehabilitation, and/or restorative nursing care and safety, etc.
Teaches patients and family members the necessity to continue the procedures for proper health care.
Assists with general health education, e.
, reminds patients/family/care providers of importance of skin care, position changes, adhering to medication/dietary regime.
Tour of duty:
Dependent on the needs of the facility.
Relocation expenses are not authorized for this position.
This is a Bargaining Unit Position.

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